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Strip District Market Hall

Part & Whole


The creation of a market hall begun with the inquiries of its social context, spatial quality, and embodied experience. A market provides an experience that is personal and communal. Its significance lies in the irreplaceable experience of visiting a market, which calls for one’s presence, that unlike other types of shopping requires one’s physical presence and engagement. 

It speaks of a duality within its context; being apart while being whole. An individual holds no connection to another shopper or the merchant. However, its presence becomes heightened by engaging and interacting with the people and the market. Inspired by such dynamic tension of the market, the design of the market hall and office emphasizes the contrast and connection between the two programs. The branch columns create support through repetition and connection. Glass paneling that envelopes between the steel roof frames and walls contrasts from the concrete structure of the office space.

Thus, the structural language of the architecture reflects the essence of its duality. The design seeks to identify its fundamental values and therefore defining a market space that communicates not only through its architectural integrity but also its phenomenological experience.