Saco Lake Bathhouse


This project achieved Second Place in the 2013 NCAA Masonry Design Competition.

In collaboration with Eva Peng and Erica Chan.


Bathing, philosophically, is to remove both one's body and mind from the external. Bathing brings the human body to its purest state, and through the process cleanses not only the body but also the mind. It is a fundamentally private and intimate ritual. Thus, the bathhouse attempts to capture the essence of bathing through the use of human senses.

The plan of the bathhouse follows a directed path of pools; through the hot bath, the cold, and eventually the meditation. It is a directed journey through a path of extruded concrete masonry blocks of graduating thickness and texture. The blocks engages the sense of touch, which is most sensitive during the process of bathing, and guides the visitor through a sloping pathway into the elevated meditation room with full lake view, symbolizing the elevation of the mind through the guidance of the body