Boston Dance School



The design of the dance school begun with the contemplation on the fundamental meaning of dance and music, and its relationship to collaboration and architecture: 

What is dance? What is collaboration? What is architecture?

I became vastly intrigued with one element who holds significance within all three seemingly unrelated matters - rhythm. Dance and music are strongly dominated by rhythm, the rhythm of architecture decides the spacial experience of the building, and thus influencing the rhythm of social interaction and collaboration. This project, hence, is an attempt to identify each rhythmic characteristic in their perspective space, while creating an unifying architecture that embodies the elements. 

The plan originated from a fascination of geometrical point and grid. marked points of the site begin to connect into other points, creating an overlapping grid that displays exciting geometrical visualization. The architecture is created through the rhythm of the site (space), molded by the rhythm of the space (dance), and further evolved through the steel and glass structure (architecture